Early Breast Cancer Detection, Home Breast Exam Machine


Most women know that they should check for lumps that are out of the ordinary.

Breast Angel

Breast Angel

However there are other changes to your breasts that you should look out for as well.

These includes:

Most new lumps or other breast changes are not serious and can be easily treated if necessary. Should they prove to be cancer then there is a very good chance of successful treatment.

And the earlier any problems are found, the better the chances. That is why it is important to be “breast aware” and to be on the look out for any changes.

Breast Angel is a new health and wellbeing product for women. It helps women notice any changes in their breasts over time.
With Breastangel you get a view of your breasts. Breastangel shines a powerful light through the breast tissue so that you can see some of the details inside. That way you can get to know what’s normal for you, spot any changes and hopefully feel more confident that you’re looking after your body the way you’d like to.
Breastangel is a simple and easy to use product. However we do strongly recommend that you take some time to read through these instructions and keep them for future reference.

Important things to remember are:

* Charge your Breastangel before you use it
* Make the room as dark as possible
* Hold Breastangel under one of your breasts and look down
* Keep your Breastangel pressed tightly against your skin
* Use a mirror so you can see more
* Check all areas – including under arms and high on the chest

What you will see with breast care equipment?

You will see veins and other blood vessels as dark lines in your breast. These are totally normal.

Around the nipple you may see a circle of small dots – these are part of your mammary glands. These are also totally normal.




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